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Epic customer service
I bought a ski from them a few years ago and take it up there anytime I need something fixed. Prices are always fair and the people are great. The last time a came was a special instance. I got 2 calls and a text, informing me that either stray cat had climbed into my ski or that it was my cat and she must have slipped in before driving it up to get fixed. By the time I get the message it was too late and they were already closed. When I called in the morning they informed me that one of the their employees took the cat home for safe keeping overnight. When I came in to get her I thanked the employee (I can't remeber her name sorry!) and told her I would venmo her money for everything she did. She replied No need. If it was my animal I would hope someone would do the same. How epic is that!!!! I own a business and you can't teach people to be that nice. They have a great team and I've never been happier to give a company my business. I'll never go or recommend anyone else.
Ryan Hammers